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  • Name: HS21-Pump Multiple-Spring Rotary Seal
  • Number: 1102
  • On time: 2013-11-11
  • Views : 116

Design Features
 Accord with DIN24960 and API682 standards
 dual-face
 Unequilibrium model
 More than springs, random spin
 Pushing ring gets stuck by the transmission, prevent spring fall off
 Sealing ring untighten embedded, replace convenient
Operation Parameters
 Pressure from 0MPa to 1.6MPa
 Line speed: not more than 20 m/s
 Temperature from-30℃to 327℃
The Main Parts Choose Materials
 Static ring: dipping graphite/sic/tungsten carbide
 Move ring: silicon carbide/tungsten carbide
 Assisting sealing: fluorine plastic/bag fluorine
 Spring and other metal parts: stainless steel
Application Condition
 Widely used in chemical, petrochemical and refining, pharmaceutical industry, suitable for corrosive and of particulate medium occasion.


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