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   Dongying Hiscien sealing technology company is located in the Shengli economic development zone in Dongying city of Shandong province, which is near by coast of the Bo-hai, it is a high-tech enterprises gathered with high-end fluid sealing technology research and development, production and sales.

   The company has strong technical strength, included one doctoral tutor, four doctors, five people with master's degree and five senior engineers, the number of bachelor degree or above personnel accounts for about 60% of the total number of companies, the primary designers have master degree or above . The company always stand in the front of technology in the mechanical sealing industry, which dedicated to the research and development of modern high-end fluid mechanical sealing, had the mechanism research about a new-fluid lubrication noncontact mechanical sealing, structural optimization, software development and so on ,manufacturing of many international advanced, of leading domestic patent and the technology, especially in the lead in developing the domestic success liquid- film lubrication non-contact mechanical sealing technology, has reached the international advanced level. The company has established long-term strategic cooperation relations with the China University of oil, has employed many professors as company's technical adviser for leading industry technology to lay the solid foundation.

   The primary products of the company have gas, liquid-film lubrication non-contact mechanical sealing and pump, compressor, all kinds of axe and mixing equipment with high parameter of mechanical sealing, it can be implemented that sealed media liquid-phase zero leakage, gas-phase zero to escape, have safety, environmental protection, energy saving and long service life, operation and maintenance cost is low, the price higher advantages. The company has  already went through the ISO19001 quality management system authentication, the quality of products have reached the United States API682, API614 standard and domestic standards related with seal, and  provided product’s pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.

  The company is in possession of all kinds of advanced numerical controlling machine tools, fluid-slot precision processing and testing equipment for more than one hundred sets, establish a number of industry within the advanced lab equipment that realize automatic measurement and control, including the "pump seal with experiment device", "low speed mixing equipment seal experiment device" and "multi-function high-speed seal experiment device", for high-end sealing technology research and development and application of the industry to provide the solid foundation.

   The company is the first network provider for Sinopec, Petro China; the products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and so on. The company has undertaken and completed more than ten provincial significant research subject and many enterprise fluid sealing technology research project, obtained 12 patents, won the state intellectual property office by the China international patent &brand exposition, the first China private scientific and technological enterprise new technology, new products exposition, Shandong patent star enterprise, Dongying city science and technology innovation and the honorary title.

   The company always regards "sensible to behave better, sincere to enforce good" as the spirit of enterprise, adheres to the "pragmatic, innovative, good quality, and high efficiency" business philosophy, to provide users with higher and better fluid sealing technology and products, to realize the user, enterprise and society, among multiple comprehensive common development.



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